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Author archives: Jay

Digital Services Reseller Sites The Easiest Passive Income You Will Ever Make [ Done For You Niche Sites ]

Who Wants To Spend 24/7 Working Your Ass Off For Passive Income When You Can Work Smarter Not Harder With Digital Services Reseller Sites I happily stumbled upon this business opportunity from an email that I received from a digital marketing reseller. Digital Services Reseller Sites The Easiest Passive Income You Will Ever Make [ Done For You Niche Sites ]     Dropshipping Is Dead – Click Here To […]

Another Instant $1,000 Paypal Commission I Just Earned Online

Yep, it is actually like my 15th $1k commission this 7 figure marketer has already sent me instantly via Paypal. He is opening up a free webinar showing you how you can have the opportunity to do the same + get some cool free training in the process that you can use immediately. He is going to show you these inner secrets SECRET #1 How to raid the two best […]

How To Make Your First Sale Online As An Internet Marketer

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this super blog post that shows you complete with how to videoson how to make money online promoting other peoples stuff as an affiliate marketer. This blog post is 5,500 words that will show you how internet marketing works and how to get started promoting other peoples products online digital or physical in exchange for a commission. Check it out here; […]

Mens Ripped Vitapak Formula Program Review ( Once Daily Vitamin Pack )

Increase Your Metabolim, Burn 12 Times More Calories, Helps You Regulate Excess Water, And Gets You Shredded Like The Incredible Hulk ( Without The Green Skin:) ) This is the mens ripped vitapak formula that I have been using for the past 3 months from gnc ( You can get them on Amazon too just check this site ) I have noticed an increase in energy while on them, and […]

Octane Fitness New Age Elliptical Move In Any Direction ( Exercise Equipment better than Ellipticals and treadmills )

This is an elliptical or more like a new age elliptical that is made by Octane Fitness. This is definitely my favorite cardio workout at the gym because it targets the whole body, and you can adjust the width that you want your legs at, resistance, and pretty much everything in between with the octane fitness workout machine. I love this machine! In fact I stay on over an hour […]

Jacobs Ladder Stair - Ladder Climber Review ( The Mother Of All Workouts )

  The Jacobs Ladder Stairclimber Or Ladder Climber Simulator Is A Workout From The Depths Of Hell For Your Legs. You seriously can get a better workout in five minutes then you can in 45 minutes on a treadmill, or even an elliptical. Here is how the jacobs ladder exercise equipment works: You strap the belt around your waist ( As Seen In Picture ) Adjust your settings for how […]

PTF Pathfinder All Terrain Tires LT285/75 R16 123S E1 OWL

PTF Pathfinder All Terrain Tires LT285/75 R16 123S E1 OWL Tires For my 2015 Wrangler Sport These are the new tires that I installed on my 2015 jeep wrangler sport. I previously had much smaller wrangler tires that looked nice but they were way too small for the wheel, well so an upgrade was needed. These pathfinder tires were a good price, and they seem to handle pretty well. So, […]

Kim Jong Un Rocket Man Tshirt With Star Shaped Glasses

This is a funny t-shirt I just had to order ( I got my rocket man Kim Jong Un T-shirt from Amazon ) They had them in various colors black, white, blue, etc…. So, pick your favorite colored nucleur tipped, rocket propelled, Kim Jong Un funny t-shirt. President Trump has nicknames for everyone as you probably are aware of. When he came up with the rocket man moniker for the […]

Step By Step How To Create Your First Wordpress Blog

Step By Step How To Create Your First WordPress Blog For Affiliate Marketers. I just put together one of the most in depth tutorials on how to get started with your very first WordPress blog. This blog post is going to cover everything from A-Z You can read it here: