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Bad Ass Tribute Tattoo Champ The Pitbull Done By Odds @ Ends Tattoo Rockford, IL.

Pitbull Tattoo Odds @ Ends Rockford Done By Zack Shereck

This is a tattoo I got done as a remembrance to my best friend and loyal companion Champ the Pitbull who I had to put down about a year in a half ago.

Due to a cancer diagnosis @ kidney failure + he wouldn’t eat to make matters worth.

I raised Champ since he was eight weeks old up to 12 yrs old when I had to make that shitty tough decision to put him down.

Everyone has a pet that they love like there own kid.

Well, Champ was that 4 legged kid to me.

Awesome, awesome, dog.

Zack brought Champ back to life memorialized on my arm.

( Pretty damn sweet huh! )

Zack does hell of good work, and he is a nice guy to boot.

Anyhow, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending odds n ends tattoos for any tattoo work that you want to have done if you are in the Rockford IL area.

Thanks Zack great job the tattoo is phenomenal.

Tattoo Artist: Zach Shereck Odd @ Ends Tattoo

Phone: 815 – 229 – 7273

Odds @ Ends Tattoos Pitbull Tattoos

Pitbull Tattoo Odds @ Ends Rockford Done By Zack Shereck

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