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Category archives: Lol Pics Make Everyone ROTFL


11 Freaky People That Actually Exist ( Must See Video )

I love these must see videos this one is 11 freaky people that actually exist. I Feel sorry for some of these people but it is cool to see what mother nature can throw at random people sometimes. Watch and be prepared to be amazed. P.S. And count your blessings while you are at it:) some people just got the short end of the stick.

JVZoo My Best Buys For Internet Marketers 2016-2017

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Happy Ending Prank From A Hot Chick Or So He Thinks HA HA HA

Pure Evil And I Love It Lol Watch The Happy Ending Prank From A Guy Getting An Innocent Massage From A Hot Chick. Let me give you a nice massage and caress your muscles says this hot bikini clad chick in the massage parlor. Everything starts off well until you see the switch lol this shit is funny!!! sir would you like to end this massage with a happy ending […]


Famous Fousey Tube Mortal Kombat Elevator Prank 69,000,000 Views And Counting

Lol Who Doesn’t Love Mortal Kombat The Classic Video Game? Well Let Fousey Tube Play Out Mortal Kombat In An Elevator And See How People React To Sub Zero The Fighting Ninja:) This shit is funny as hell especially if you are a fan of the Mortal Kombat series some of the peoples reactions are priceless and will have you laughing for days:) Enjoy!!! be sure to subscribe to Fousey […]


Famous Fousey Tube Yoga Pants Prank Funny As Hell Must Watch 44,966,616 views

Famous Fousey Tube Yoga Pants Prank Funny As Hell Must Watch 44,966,616 views This is one of my favorite Fousey tube pranks where he turns the tables on us pig guys oink oink who are always staring at hot women in yoga pants lol… Hell we are guys that shit looks good I am an oinker myself:) well watch what happens to these guys looking at these hot chicks in […]

Gogirl Female Urination Device Have The Penis You Always Wanted Ladies

Gogirl female urination device demonstration picture just attach to your vagina and feel like a big burly man. Maybe even as much of a man as an Alaskan bush person without the big burly beard ladies:) in all seriousness, I can see this having a good use if your are camping, or on a boat and you want to relieve yourself without squatting into a bucket, or jumping into the […]

Mason Men's Potent Formula Super Energizing Mix For Men

I buy these dietary energy vitamins at my local Meijers store for around ten bucks a bottle….. These vitamins work great they give you energy and an added side effect is you may get a chubby so it’s good for the ladies as well… Good buy for the money and they work try them out for yourself.    

Men's Tarzan King Of The Jungle Banana Hammock

awwwwww awwwwwww pounding chest:) I am Tarzan king of the beach do you enjoy my sexy banana hammock Jane of the jungle??? The ladies love too look at my banana as it bounces when I run on the beach Jane. And I am not even from France Jane ha ha haaaa!!!! awwwwwww awwwwwww let Tarzan wow the beach ladies be right back Jane of the jungle …. lol who the […]

Cock Flavored Soup Mix Wtf

This is a picture of a product called cock flavored soup mix made me laugh this is a real product that is supposed to be actually pretty good… You would think the company that makes cock flavored soup mix would have rethought naming it this lol… So if you love cock try out cock flavored soup mix lol I hear it goes great with vagina;)