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Kim Jong Un Rocket Man Tshirt With Star Shaped Glasses

Kim Jong Un Rocket Man Tshirt With Star Shaped Glasses

This is a funny t-shirt I just had to order ( I got my rocket man Kim Jong Un T-shirt from Amazon )

They had them in various colors black, white, blue, etc….

So, pick your favorite colored nucleur tipped, rocket propelled, Kim Jong Un funny t-shirt.

President Trump has nicknames for everyone as you probably are aware of.

When he came up with the rocket man moniker for the leader of the recluse nation of North Korea I knew I just had to have it.

Anyways, it is a funny shirt good material and fits well.

Get your favorite rocket man t-peeps and peepettes.

( See the links below this post and shop Amazon and get your rocket man on. )

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