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10 Best Kindle E-Book Readers To Buy As A Gift With The Best Reviews

Ten Best Kindles Ebook Readers Reviewed

Looking for a high quality kindle ebook reader to buy as a gift for that special someone? Here is a side by side comparison of ten great options with a great price tag that you may want to consider.

1. Kindle Oasis.

In terms of the best e-book reader, the 6-inch Kindle Oasis made the cut. It is not only a light and thin device, but it it’s powerful and has a great battery life. The nicest thing about the Oasis is its thinness. This is the e-reader you won’t have a problem with in terms of hours of reading. Whether you are in bed or on a plane, this is the perfect accompaniment.

The other thing we really liked about this e-reader is its battery-life. A lot of e-readers are fantastic products, but for people who want to curl up with an e-book and read it start to finish, they just didn’t hold up. The batteries started to wear out way too soon. The Oasis doesn’t have that problem. Regardless of what book you have, it will easily keep up. Plus, the resolution is great. It has a hi-res 300ppi display that delivers laser-quality text. It was built to minimize glare too so if you want to pull out a chair and read at the beach you won’t have a problem.

There are a lot of other fun features to the Oasis. One, it is able to learn words. When you look up a word using the dictionary, it is automatically added to the built-in vocabulary-builder. You can then swipe through the words you added at a later time to refresh your memory. You also can adjust the size of the text, share your entire library, estimate how long it will take to finish the book and use the tap-function to read all footnotes.

The whole design is ergonomic and makes page turning easier than ever. The e-book reader is 6.3-inches by 4.5-inches by 0.36-inches and weighs 5.7-ounces. This by far was the number one e-book reader available and it is one of the best kindles to buy as a gift![site|ttr[cat|228[art|NA[pid|67988[tid|NA[bbc|NA

2. Kindle Voyage.

Coming in at our number two product was the Kindle Voyage. This is another 6-inch reader that offers great visual ease-of-reading and is light and portable. The best thing about this one is the special PagePress that allows you to turn a page without moving a finger! You can hold the e-reader and when you want to turn to the next page, apply moderate pressure to a bezel on the side. This automatically advances the book forward.

On top of the great PagePress, the Voyage also has 300ppi display. This is a great way to deliver clear and bright text regardless of where you’re reading the book. It also has a micro-etched glass display cover that is specially designed to diffuse light and minimize any glare. Manufacturers went to special care to make this similar to reading an actual paper book and it shows. When you use this e-book reader it’s close to the real thing…so close in fact, that the Voyage made it to the number two on the list of bests.

Some other notable features of the Voyage are its light sensor that automatically adjusts to the environment, its built-in light that illuminates the page without shining at your eyes and its easy-export feature. With this one, you can easily copy text from any book and paste it to an email to share with friends or a book club. It also has the built-in library feature that stores any words you look up and allows you to browse through them at a later time to increase your vocabulary.

The design of the Voyage is great. It is 6.4-inches by 4.5-inches by 0.30-inces and weighs 6.3-ounces. It is a great gift idea for any reader who is on the go![site|ttr[cat|228[art|NA[pid|60810[tid|NA[bbc|NA

3. Kindle Paperwhite.

The Kindle Paperwhite is a 6-inch e-book reader that has some great features. Like the others, this is a super-thin and lightweight reader. This one is a little bigger than the number one and two picks however at just 9.1-mm it still is easy to carry and enjoy. You won’t have a problem throwing it into a purse or a briefcase for easy transportability. In fact the added weight might be something that some readers prefer- for stability.

It also has a crisp and clear display that allows for long-time readers to use it. It uses 16-level grayscale which gives it its fantastic 300ppi display. This means that if you’re in a darker area or even a super bright area with sunlight, you likely won’t have any problems with reading the clear screen. Where this e-book reader truly shines though is in the sunlight—just test it out and likely you’ll know exactly why it came in at number three on the list. No glare was detected at all in a variety of different settings.

This reader’s dimensions are 6.6-inches by 4.6-inches by 0.35-inches and it weighs 0.5-grams. It also has those special vocabulary-building features and a long-battery life to enjoy. The battery life isn’t quite as long or powerful as the top two picks, but the Paperwhite still has enough benefits to it to make it to the kindle e-book readers in 2016.

4. Kindle Aura H2O.

Coming in at number four is the Kindle Aura H2O. This one made the grade because of its durable construction—it is waterproof and dustproof. There is no issue here with its fragility, because frankly, it doesn’t have any! You won’t have to worry about it sitting in a duffle bag or a case. As long as you keep it closed, it will take care of itself. This is a highly coveted feature for those who are on-the-go and don’t have time to cater to their electronics.

On top of its durability, the Aura H2O also has super-large no-glare e-ink. That means you won’t have any issues with reading it even if you’re in the bright sunlight. The manufacturers managed to replicate the ease of reading a paper-book onto the e-reader. If you are a reader who likes to read for hours in a comfortable spot, this is the perfect device to load your book onto and read away!

It also is highly portable. Its dimensions are 7-inches by 5-inches by 0.38-inches and it weighs 0.51-grams. Again- this makes for a highly portable and convenient machine that anyone would love to read their next favorite novel or a must-read text book on.

5. Kindle

This is where it all started and the Kindle is still relevant enough to take the number five spot on the list of 10 best e-book readers. It still is one of the best kindles to buy as a gift. This one offers easy-touchscreen capability that is just like reading from paper. The screen is bright and offers no glare, even in direct sunlight. You can easily hold your entire book collection in the Kindle and have anything you want at your fingertips when you are on-the-go.

What’s particularly nice about the Kindle is how its touchscreen is built in to make features like the x-ray that much easier to navigate. It has a built-in dictionary and you can easily highlight text you want to save, or return to at a later time. The battery life is great too—one charge is going to offer you enough to visit the reader daily for a week, as long as you plan on reading about an hour a day. When it comes to kindle reviews, this one definitely will hold up.

This is a great reader that has dimensions of 6.3-inches by 4.5-inches by 0.36-inches and it weighs 5.7-ounces. If there is one detriment to it, it’s the 167ppi feature. Yes this is lower than other options (in particular the top four) but it still has enough to offer to make it a top 10 reader.[site|ttr[cat|228[art|NA[pid|2829[tid|NA[bbc|NA

6. NOOK GlowLight Plus.

The NOOK Glowlight Plus is the number six pick mostly because of its screen and resolution, combined with its excellent battery-life. The screen is a 6-inch screen with 300dpi screen. It also is fingerprint- and scratch-resistant. This is another e-reader built with durability in mind. It can take the abuse a normal device has to withstand throughout the day. It also gives an extra long-lasting life off of just one full charge, which is a huge advantage to those using a e-reader on-the-go.

The NOOK also offers reading that is equitable to reading a book because of its display. This is another one that is waterproof, so reading in the tub, hot tub or by a pool isn’t a problem. It is the perfect partner for life’s more relaxing adventures and it will hold up just fine.

The dimensions of the NOOK are 6.4-inches by 4.7-inches by 0.34-inches and it weighs 6.9-ounces. It is another device that is easy-to-hold and can hold thousands of books for your enjoyment. It is a fantastic gift idea for anyone who wants a new e-book reader for their next special day!

7. Kobo Glo HD

The Kobo Glo HD comes in at the number seven pick on the list of top ten. This one is another 6-inch reader that has a touchscreen. It holds up to 3,000 books easily with its 4GB memory capability. This is a huge advantage if you have someone who loves reading a variety of different books during travel—they can easily store them all on the Kobo Glo.

This one had dimensions of 2.1-inches by 6.7-inches by 8.6-inches and weighs 1-pound. It’s convenient, to say the least, because of its size, but durable enough that it can stand up to travels. The other great thing about the Kobo Glo HD is that it delivers a great clear and crisp read. It uses Carta e-ink technology, which makes it one of the easiest-to-read readers out there. Even if you are in a high-sunlight area, you won’t have an issue with glare. The text is bright and rich.

If you are looking for a fantastic e-book reader, then the Kobo Glo HD is definitely one you should review for yourself. It has a lot to offer and is worthy of its number seven standing.[site|ttr[cat|228[art|NA[pid|67666[tid|NA[bbc|NA

8. Kobo Touch 2.0.

The Kobo Touch 2.0 is another great e-book reader to consider. This one also has a 6-inch display like many of the other top tens. This one has the special anti-glare feature and touchscreen convenience. The anti-glare feature is especially helpful if you know an avid book reader who loves to delve into reading outside. This would be a perfect for a boater, forest preserve walker or a pool diva.

The Kobo has 4GB of memory so that means you can easily store thousands of your favorite books on it. There won’t be a lack of space any time soon. It also gives you direct access to the Kobo bookstore, which has a lot of the books you can easily retrieve and have in your collection for on-the-go reading fun.

This e-reader is 6.2-inches by 4.53-inches by 0.36-inches and weighs just 0.4-pounds. If anything, this is what kept the Kobo Touch 2.0 at the top ten. It is so light that it makes reading that much more convenient. This is the perfect gift for anyone who needs the lightness due to difficulty with gripping. As the number eight pick, it definitely holds up to the competition.

9. Bookeen CyBook Ocean.

The Bookeen Cybook Ocean has dimensions of 7.7-inches by 5.9-inches by 0.27-inches and weighs 0.66-pounds. It is definitely not the best e-reader, but it still deserves its spot at number nine. What is nice about this is that it its display is huge. At 8-inches, this is a great choice for the reader who wants a little more screen-room for easy display. It also has a Pearl HD touchscreen that gives a clear and crisp reading surface. It stands up perfectly well in almost-darkness to bright sunlight. This versatility is what earned it its ranking.

Beyond that, there are some difficulties with the Bookeen. First, it’s not the fastest reader. If you like to browse from one book to another when on your devices, this may not be the right reader for you. Also, the battery life isn’t as long as hoped. As long as you are able to charge your e-reader often, it won’t be a problem, but if you’re on-the-go and like your devices to be ready to go with you, this might be an encumbrance you can’t overlook.

Still, the size and display ability of the Bookeen are enough that it deserved to be in the list of the ten best kindles to buy. For the reader who wants something large, and has the time to charge it often, this still may be perfect.

10. Kobo Aura HD.

The Kobo Aura HD is 7.04-inches by 5.08-inches by 0.38-inches and weighs 0.51-pounds. Its size is definitely one of its greatest advantages, especially since it’s combined with the HD quality. If you have had any problems reading other e-readers, this is worth a try. It offers bright and easy-to-read capability in just about any setting.

The Kobo Aura HD has a built-in adjustable light for reading in darker areas. It also has a micro-thin outer coating on the display screen to offer evenness of light distribution and durability. This is another e-reader that is a great travel companion that you won’t have to worry about if it ends up at the bottom of a purse or bag. It also has 4GB of memory and boasts the ability to hold up to 3,000 e-books. If you have an avid reader in your life who loves books at every turn, this definitely is worth looking at!