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Author archives: Jay Orban

UFC 202 Connor Mcgregor Verse Nate Diaz Part 2 Clip End Of Round 5

Nate Diaz Connor Mcgregor 2 at UFC 202 was an instant classic that went all five rounds ….. This right was two close to call in my opinion it could have went either way in my opinion… Although Mcgregor drew first blood early in round one and Nate Diaz was bleeding like a stuffed pig throughout the fight but he looked like he had more energy to me going into […]

Ideal Products Rough Weather Doggy Door I Bought At My Local Home Depot

I researched a ton of doggy doors online and this one came out as the winner based on all the reviews…. Value for the money with the most positive reviews;) I researched Menard’s, Amazon, Blain’s farm and fleet, Lowes, Petsmart, and others and this one came out the winner based on my research… Well I bought it and installed it pretty easy to install even for me;) I’m no Bob […]

Mark Wahlbergs and the Wahlberg family open up new Wahlbergers in Greektown downtown detroit area

Former Marky mark;) rapper and A list celebrity Mark Wahlberg opens up a new family hamburger joint that will be opening up in Greektown not far from the Greektown casino in Detroit. Have not tried these hamburgers yet but I plan on it in the near future. Mark Wahlberg is an excellent actor glad to see him opening up a new Wahlbergers in the city of Detroit which is growing […]

Pic of the Detroit Tigers home base Comerica Park

Pic of the Detroit Tigers home base Comerica Park. I took this pic at a distance while checking out Detroit and seeing how the city is rebuilding and coming along for the better… You can actually walk the streets in downtown now without getting mugged or shot? People from the suburbs are coming down in droves it is nice to see it turning around for the better.

Outside bar in downtown Detroit

This is an outside bar we came across before Jefferson avenue in downtown Detroit. I didn’t get the name of it but it was a nice chill spot. Had a beach with sand, waterfall, and a free fireball table for all … Drinks were a little pricey though.