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Author archives: Jay Orban

Cedar Crest Icecream Coconut Explosion Review

This is a very quick review of an awesome Icecream that I highly recommend that you pick up if you love coconut this is the best commercial Icecream to buy hands down. Cedar Crest Icecream is made in Wisconsin and it costs 4.99 cents per container it is well worth the five bucks it tastes like a piece of heaven with every bite. I pick up my coconut explosion Icecream […]

Red Mr.Coffee Keurig K Cup Single Serve Coffee Machine Good Price

I am a big fan of these machines with the keurig single serve kcups. I have had one for years and it has never let me down so they are a great buy at a great price. I did a full review of the keurig single serve coffee machines in a previous post they are great. This one was on sale for $70 bucks at meijers I thought […]

Not Your Fathers Rootbeer Small Town Brewery Review

This is a quick review of the beer that looks and tastes just like A@W Rootbeer With a nice amount of alcohol. Not your father’s Rootbeer is awesome if you do not like that beer taste But you want to get a nice buzz that beer gives you that makes you feel like your drinking an old fashioned Rootbeer without the alcohol but it actually has quite a bit but […]

xbox one elite video gaming unit verse the ps4 who wins in a face off?

The high end xbox one video gaming console verse the ps4 gaming console who wins in a streetfight? I have my money on the ps4 just because I personally love the PlayStation units ever since they were first brought out.. But I am biased a lot of xbox one fans out there. So which video gaming console would you buy for the holiday season for someone who doesn’t own either […]

Review Of Rachel Ray Nutrish Grain Free Dog Food The Review Is From My Pitbull

Ruff Ruff who cares what you humans say it’s us dogs that have to eat this stuff ruff ruff? That was my attempt at humor please forgive me lol Anyhow my pitbull Thor he’s half American pitbull and half American bulldog better known as a bullypit has to be on a grain free diet. Anyhow thors a young dog 2 years old, and like most bulldogs especially the pitbull breed […]