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Avengers End Game Review What I Thought


I just came back from seeing marvels Avengers End Game.

What did i think about the movie?

First off the final chapter in tje Marvel trilogy end game is lo’g over 3 hours to be exact so be prepared to drain your main vein or ladies go to the powder room before you watch this movie lol.

The best time for a bathroom break for Avengers end game is the scene when they go to Tokyo in my opinion about an hour or so into the movie.

The movie had a good plot line but not enough action for me until the final half hour or so then the action heats up as far as fight scenes go.

Rotten tomatoes gave this movie like a 96 percent approval rating which i thought was way over rated.

I think it was a good movie with a good plot but it was too long and not enough action for me.

P.s they have Thor as a fat slob not my idea of a mighty god but it brings the marvel character some human characteristics of soleone who is depressed and going through a tough time in life.

I have to admit this touch was funny.

Anyhow, my final review of avengers end game is a solid good movie but nothing great in my opinion and too long.

I would wait until it comes out on blueray and pick it up then.

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