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Captain America Civil War Quick Review

Did I like the captain America Civil War movie that I bought at meijer for $19.99 you betcha!

Usually when they make trilogies in movies they tend to get worse with each sequal this is definitely Not the case with the captain America series they seem to get better and better which is a rarity like a diamond in the movie industry.

Rotten tomatoes rated the avengers civil war at 90 or 92 percent not sure of the exact rating but it was one of the two.

Anyhow this puts captain America Civil War right up there with there best movies that they have ever rated..

I do not want to give away the movie see rotten tomatoes for the spoilers:)

Captain America Civil War is filled with action and a good story line and I absolutely loved it I would rate it a 4 out of 5 stars and a must see if you like the avengers, captain America, Spiderman, or any superhero flick buy this one it’s a great movie to add to the collection.

You can buy it anywhere Walmart, Amazon, meijers, Target, or anywhere where movies are sold.

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