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Category archives: Amazon Prime Movie Reviews 2 Thumbs Up Or Down

Avengers End Game Review What I Thought

I just came back from seeing marvels Avengers End Game. What did i think about the movie? First off the final chapter in tje Marvel trilogy end game is lo’g over 3 hours to be exact so be prepared to drain your main vein or ladies go to the powder room before you watch this movie lol. The best time for a bathroom break for Avengers end game is the […]

Review Of Mr. Church Starring Eddie Murphy

Amazon Prime New Release Movie Mr. Church Starring Eddie Murphy Delivers A Riveting Performance I forgot how great of an actor Eddie Murphy truly is because it has been a long time I have seen him in anything in years Mr. Church starts out with Eddie Murphy cooking in the kitchen of a lady who is dying from cancer. Her daughter runs into the moms room and says “mama there […]