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Category archives: Fun Stuff

Cedar Crest Icecream Coconut Explosion Review

This is a very quick review of an awesome Icecream that I highly recommend that you pick up if you love coconut this is the best commercial Icecream to buy hands down. Cedar Crest Icecream is made in Wisconsin and it costs 4.99 cents per container it is well worth the five bucks it tastes like a piece of heaven with every bite. I pick up my coconut explosion Icecream […]

Not Your Fathers Rootbeer Small Town Brewery Review

This is a quick review of the beer that looks and tastes just like A@W Rootbeer With a nice amount of alcohol. Not your father’s Rootbeer is awesome if you do not like that beer taste But you want to get a nice buzz that beer gives you that makes you feel like your drinking an old fashioned Rootbeer without the alcohol but it actually has quite a bit but […]