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Detroit Lions Disappoint Loyal Fans Again Lose NFC North To Packers Yet Again

Year after year time after time the Detroit Lions cannot hold onto there two game lead with three games remaining to win the NFC north and hand the NFC north tinted Green Bay Packers yet again.

yes the Detroit lions at 9 and 7 will make the playoffs as a wild card against the Seattle Seahawks which they will probably lose anyways…

The Detroit Lions had the best chance ever to win the NFC north since Barry Sanders was playing twenty some years ago.

But as we loyal Detroit Lions fans we are used to disappointment from the under performing clowns that are the Detroit Lions…

Do not get me wrong I still love my Lions as a loyal fan but they are more stressful to watch than a game of Russian roulette..

well there is always next year lions fans or the year after that lol heck maybe never 🙂 but we will be watching….

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