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Gogirl Female Urination Device Have The Penis You Always Wanted Ladies

Gogirl female urination device demonstration picture just attach to your vagina and feel like a big burly man.

Maybe even as much of a man as an Alaskan bush person without the big burly beard ladies:)

in all seriousness, I can see this having a good use if your are camping, or on a boat and you want to relieve yourself without squatting into a bucket, or jumping into the water:)

Just don’t put in your purse!!!

Iif I am on a date with you I do not like the smell of piss on a woman:) it is rather off putting, and not very lady like;)?

They sell these gogirl female urination devices at Target etc…

I have a penis already so I have not used one πŸ˜‰ if you have a vagina and have used the gogirl device let the readers know what you think.

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