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Googles January 2017 “https” Site Update Must See Easy SEO Fix

Googles January 2017 https update must see easy fix

Increase Your Seo Rankings, Increase Your Site Speed, Increase Your Security, Get More Free Traffic From Google With This

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Googles January 2017 https update must see easy seo fix

I bought this for all my sites and it was easy as heck to use there are clearly layed out videos showing you how to make your WordPress site https for free.

By doing all these steps it will increase your sites security for free much less likely to be hacked, increase your site speed, and make your site https secure so you get more free traffic from Google after this update.

All sites will be going https sometime in the future  and Google will put more and more weight on https sites making them rank even higher in the serps as time goes on.

Click here to make your site “https” compliant

This was a good buy I am glad I picked it up.

P.S. My site speed got a whole second faster after testing it before and after the installation using this is also a major ranking factor in itself

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