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Ion Tailgater Bluetooth Home Speaker Should You Buy It?

This is my review of the Ion Tailgater Bluetooth Home Portable Sound System.

I have had my bluetooth Ion speaker for a year now so I can give you an honest review because I have used the heck out of it.

For a little over a hundred bucks this is by far the best deal on the market if you want a loud bluetooth home speaker that you can even take with you anywhere once the battery is fully charged you can use it continuously for up to 50 hours it is awesome…

I haven’t came across a home bluetooth with that kind of battery life I’m sure there out there though.

So battery life ten out of ten is my review perfect don’t get much better than that.

Sound: you can hear this ion speaker from your neighbors house if the volume is maxed out it is super loud and has some good bass to boost.

Ten out of ten for sound.

Did I mention you can use the Ion speaker to jam out to karaoke? The Ion bluetooth tailgate speaker came with a microphone when I bought it, or if you do not like the supplied microphone then you can buy your own.

Anyways I am going to finish up this review this speaker is my favorite and is a steal for the price.

Super loud sound, super long batter life, and you can jam out to your favorite karaoke tunes.

What’s not to love 5 stars for this bad boy a must buy, and a steal at this price point.

Leave your review below for the Ion bluetooth tailgate speaker..

Do you love it as much as I do?

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