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Jacobs Ladder Stair – Ladder Climber Review ( The Mother Of All Workouts )

Jacobs Ladder Ladder Simulation Climber Review

Jacobs Ladder Cardio Gym Equipment


The Jacobs Ladder Stairclimber Or Ladder Climber Simulator Is A Workout From The Depths Of Hell For Your Legs.

You seriously can get a better workout in five minutes then you can in 45 minutes on a treadmill, or even an elliptical.

Here is how the jacobs ladder exercise equipment works:

You strap the belt around your waist ( As Seen In Picture )

Adjust your settings for how long that you want to climb the ladder simulator.

I would recommend just a minute or two if you are just starting out with the jacobs ladder exercise equipment.

Then you can move up to 4-5 minutes as you gain more stamina by using this machine.

Your legs will be burning really good after you use the jacobs ladder.

This is some serious cardio and great to build muscles in your legs etc…

I rate the jacobs ladder 5 stars in my review because it does mor in 5 minutes then the others do in an hour.

The perfect leg workout in my opinion for firefighters, and police men and women.

Or anyone who wants to get in shape quickly and efficiently.

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