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Judge Jeanine Will Never Accept Hillary Clintons Apology Here’s Why?

Judge Jeanine: Your apology isn't going to work, Hillary

Hillary Clinton Calls Trump Supporters Rapists, Diaralects, Racists, And Basically The Rejects Of Society.

Here Is Judge Jeanines Comments About Hillary Clintons Statements About Trump Supporters

Hit Play This Is Good!

My Thoughts On Hillary Clintons Anti-Trump Supporters Remarks.

I think Hillarys comments are despicable!

We as Americans vote for who we want to it is our right.

Just because someone may not be giving Hillary there vote, they must be thrown into the despicable category, and lumped into that same despicable Donald Trump supporter category.

So most of the republican party must be despicable according to Hillary:)

According To Hillary we as Trump supporters must have the I.Q. of a Gerbil and have the mentality of Archie Bunker from that old show All in the family.

Sure Hillary there are people like that in the Republican, as well as the democratic party, no-one is immune to stupidity.

On the other hand!

There are also a lot of highly, highly, educated people that are Trump supporters that are far from despicable.

These despicable people as you call them are some of the biggest leaders of our great country.

The other half of the non – despicable Trump supporters that are of high value to the United States of America are the working class men and women who keep the engines of this American economy churning like butter.

We just want to see change! Not the same old same old!

And Guess what? Hillary Clinton you are not part of that change.

Bad choice of words to a huge portion of the American voters unwisely lumping them into the despicable category.

These comments just added to my already pending Donald Trump vote in November:)

Thanks Hillary.

Your comments are appreciated below please chime in with your thoughts?

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