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Mainstay Turbo Convection Oven Review

I was given this item as a Christmas gift from my step dad thanks stepdad:) because I don’t like to cook so he has used a mainstay turbo convection oven for like 8 years and he loves it so since I’m no chef boyardee he decided to get me one

We cooked 3 lbs of prime rib in my new mainstay turbo convection oven and it came out excellent…

moist and tasty he showed me how to use it properly since he has a lot of experience using it…

add about eight ounces of water before cooking to make your food more moist and is attention to the cooking times the prime rib cooked a lot quicker than the directions stated..

I also cooked some chicken in it as well and that came out great too I think I will be cooking a lot more since it is so easy with the mainstay turbo convection oven..

You can pick this up at Amazon right on this site above for your best deal.

5 star review I live this device:)



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