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Marineland Bio Wheel 400 Review From A Buying Customer


Read this marine land 400 bio wheel review before you buy and see how I like it.

Was the fish tank filter worth the money?

OK I picked up the marine land bio wheel emperor filter 400 through Amazon I am a prime member love the free two day delivery so I try and order as much as I can through Amazon because of the convenience factor.

So far so good this fish tank filter is keeping my 55 gallon fish tank crystal clear after a few weeks of running it.

A couple things I really like about it are the double bio wheels these really help to keep your tank clear in combination with the fish tank carbon filters these come with twice the carbon as traditional fish tank filters so they reduce the times that you have to change them..

My last fish tank filter was a whisper which worked pretty well but the carbon cartridges got dirty very quick and I had to change them every few weeks which is a pain in the ass…

So I decided to upgrade to the marineland 400 based on a friends recommendation.

The only pitfall I had with this particular fish tank filter was I had to cut about 6 inches off the extension tube because it was too long for my 55 gallon tank this fish tank filter pumps 400 gallons per hour….

It was no biggie only took me a few minutes and problem solved..

That was the only complaint I have so far on my purchase.

Putting it together was easy as heck a few minutes besides the problem I just told you about.

If you have a 75 gallon fish tank or above then you will probably be fine…

Other than that this fish tank filter works awesome and is not loud when running which is a plus.

P.S. My fish tank water is crystal clear 4.5 stars out of 5 for the marine land bio wheel emperor power filter….

pick it up it’s a good fish tank filter….

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