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Moisturel Therapeutic Lotion Review In 14 oz Package Of Three I Bought

review of moisturel lotion that I bought

Review Of Moisturel Therapeutic Lotion In 14 Oz Container ( Comes With 3 Moisturel Bottles )

Alright this is going to be a relatively quick review because how much can you really talk about lotion right:) besides its benefits it is not a stephen King novel after all:)

Anyhow here we go I have been buying moisturel for the last 4 years I took a hiatus when they stopped selling it at the major stores years ago and had forgot about it basically and switched brands. The other brands never compared so one day I was bored and did a search on Google because I was curious whatever happened to moisturel lotion? That stuff was the best on the market ..

Well it came back that they stopped selling moisturel in major stores for whatever reason but it was still being used in hospital around the World. Why do hospitals use moisturel lotion? It simply is the best lotion in the World in my opinion.

Here are a few reasons why I buy moisturel lotion

  •  Moisturel will not break you out with pimples no oils ( mainly mineral oil always look for this and if it has it do not apply to your face it will break you out ) so you can apply it on the face everyday without any issues of a major breakout this product has no oils.
  •  It works great and it is lightweight you do not have that greasy feeling you get after applying other lotions.

I have been busying this for years for a reason it is the best out there as far as lotion goes for the price.

At least for what I have tried and I have tried many lotions.

5 stars for moisturel lotion ( Amazon has it rated 4.5 stars . )

It is good stuff.

If you have ever bought moisturel please leave a review below and let everyone know how you like it.

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