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Octane Fitness New Age Elliptical Move In Any Direction ( Exercise Equipment better than Ellipticals and treadmills )

Octane Fitness Elliptical Machine Review

This is an elliptical or more like a new age elliptical that is made by Octane Fitness.

This is definitely my favorite cardio workout at the gym because it targets the whole body, and you can adjust the width that you want your legs at, resistance, and pretty much everything in between with the octane fitness workout machine.

I love this machine!

In fact I stay on over an hour everytime that I use it watching and listening to cable tv.

Yes it has cable tv and a nice little monitor buiult in that you can plug your headphones into.


Lol this makes my workout a lot more enjoyable.

I usually put on hgtv property brothers, or that storage unit bidding show.

Storage wars I think it is called.

And I go town.

This machine also has an mma workout which really can kick your butt in a good way.

But, my 2nd favorite feature is a fan yessss!!!!

There is a small adjustable fan neatly built into this octane fitness elliptical machine that you can move up and down and adjust the settings from low to high.

It works really well.

Keeps you from sweating like a stuffed pig over an open bon fire.

Anyhow, this workout machine is loaded with features, and it works really well.

If you can afford it for your home the octane fitness elliptical style machine is a breath of fresh air and it will leave the regular boring elliptical, and the treadmills in the dust.

Highly recommended I love it.


Octane Fitness Elliptical Machine Review

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