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PS4 pic console unchartered 4 bundle best price i found

This is a pic of the ps4 unchartered 4 a thief’s end console and game limited edition bundle going for 349.00 at meijer.

I have seen the same bundlebat Walmart for about 300.00 if they have it in stock and Amazon my personal favorite store has it for 299.00 and you know they have it in stock if you order it through Amazon if your a prime member you can get it delivered to your door in two days…

Can’t beat that no waiting in lines this holiday season just to make sure they have the ps4 in stock.

This is the limited edition newest ps4 bundle that I know about that comes with the hit ps4 video game unchartered 4 that is guaranteed to be selling like hotcakes this holiday season.

Save yourself the headache I compared prices on video game consoles and Amazon and Walmart have the best prices take your pic there both good stores.

It all comes down to if you want to go to a physical store or have the convenience of your new ps4 bundle being dropped off at your front door;)

300.00 is about the lowest I have seen this gaming console advertised for with 400.00 being the highest price meijer was in the middle of the field at 349.00

Amazon and Walmart have the best prices for this ps4 gaming console so take your pick.

Anyhow the ps4 rocks I love the sports and fighting games but that is just my personal preference.

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