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PTF Pathfinder All Terrain Tires LT285/75 R16 123S E1 OWL

Pathfinder lt285/75 r16 123 s tires all terrain jeep wrangler

PTF Pathfinder All Terrain Tires LT285/75 R16 123S E1 OWL Tires For my 2015 Wrangler Sport

These are the new tires that I installed on my 2015 jeep wrangler sport.

I previously had much smaller wrangler tires that looked nice but they were way too small for the wheel, well so an upgrade was needed.

These pathfinder tires were a good price, and they seem to handle pretty well.

So, a big thumbs up on both those fronts.

They also have that rugged jeep wrangler look that I was looking for ( so they look cool )

For those of you who own a wrangler and just want bigger tires these are a good set, or just use this size if you choose a different model tire.

Pros: Good for wrangler owners who do not want to go the full hillbilly route and jack there wranglers way up in the air, but want there tires to be big enough and cool enough with good handling to drive on road and offroad.

I recommend this sizer and this tire as a happy medium.

Another pro of these tires were I did not have to change my rims even though these tires are like 2-4 sizes bigger than my previous wrangler tires that were factory installed.

I have not been through a winter yet with them to see how they handle.

But I am assuming they will do just fine.

Overall I am happy with my new tires, and my purchase.

( Pic Below Jeep Fans )

Pathfinder All Terrain Tires Discount Tire

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