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Rank Reel JV Affiliate Page Upsells, And Video Rankings.

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A 5-in-1 Whitehat Video Ranking Software with Powerful Local SEO Angle, Proof, and Fully Unique Features Releasing May 10th – 10am EST Launching on the popular JVZoo affiliate network and commissions are paid via JVZoo pay.

Rank Reel is the best seller on JVZoo for launch day, top 7 day top jvzoo seller, and very soon top seller for the past 30 days on the jvzoo network.

Rank Reel will be an evergreen affiliate product that affiliates can promote and buy for there own YouTube rankings.

Subscribe for Leaderboard Updates. This is a detailed cloud app gotten into 5 sections: Keyword Research, Competition Research, Description Optimization, Backlinking, and Local Influencer Outreach with lots of valuable functions for SEO in 2019.

There customers were desperate for a safe video SEO solution to rank their customer’s local videos (and their own).

So, after months of coding and beta testing Abhi’s team has produced the supreme 5-in-1 whitehat video ranking solution that includes unique regional business features.

Inspect Out All These Awesome Features. on the Front End Version Alone:. Presenting …

Rank Reel. A 5-in-1 extensive video ranking solution that gets you or your customer’s videos to page among Google and YouTube in 2019 and beyond. Have a look at How Rank Reel Works:

Introducing a Brand New Type of Video Ranking SEO Tool for 2019 and Beyond. Ranking videos is still as rewarding as ever, but as you know, the rules of SEO have actually altered significantly. Gone are the days of mass backlinking, low-quality links, and blackhat techniques that used to work.

used to rank videos a few years ago. 01. ” Horizontal” Keyword and Niche Suggestion. Discover synonyms and categories associating with any keyword to assist rank your videos “horizontally”.

This gives broad ideas of what to rank for that connect to the given keyword or specific niche rather of just a targeted focus like Google Keyword Planner and other tools provide.

02. Extensive Keyword Suggestion Finder. Find search volume, Average Monthly global, Suggested Bid, Competition and Confidence based on the given keyword.

This provides perfect keyword concepts that can be used to improve the SEO rank of the post/blog/article.

03. YouTube Competition Analysis. Spy on the top 10 videos for any keyword and see crucial metrics you can enhance to vanquish their ranking like length of video, channel subscribers, likes, links in the description, and more. It reveals you how tough it will be to outrank these videos with easy to comprehend red, yellow, and green signs. 04. Google Competition Analysis. Much like YouTube competition, spy on the top 10 links for any keywords and see what it requires to beat them out to rank on page # 1 with easy red, yellow, or green indicators. 05. YouTube Longtail Tags Search and Swiper.

Swipe the very best tags your competitors are utilizing to rank # 1 in YouTube and Google on your own.

This recommends brief & longtail (longer word) tags. It will also allow users to go into any video youtube URL into the search and it will pull the finest tags that YouTube video is using.

06. 1-Click Fully Optimized Local YouTube Descriptions and SEO. Select one of RankReel’s regional niche classifications, get in the company name, contact info, and location you are attempting to rank … and RankReel will autogenerate a high ranking YouTube title and description for your video right on the area.

Social Bookmark Submission.
Link several accounts to social bookmarking platforms like Bitly, Tumblr, Plurk, Medium, and more and vehicle post a link to your RankReel video there if you select.

Whitehat Authority Local Links Creator.
Find whitehat, authority link chances that help rank your video greater in YouTube and Google. RankReel will help you find contest election link chances, localbBlog & magazine opportunities, regional directory site opportunities, and local blog opportunities for safe, power rankings.

Local Influencer Outreach.
The app will discover the most significant local influencers in any location for you, and permit you to personal message them in the app using a reward to share your video, offering it more social signals and views for greater rankings.
And Much More Including …
SyVid Integration – Syndicate your video with fully enhanced title, description and tags, to several video networks if clients bought the SyVid app.
Commercial Rights Included – Sell video ranking services, lead generation service, ranking information reports, and more.

5 Different Backlink Opportunities Finder – Create various types of backlinks without ever damaging you or your client’s videos and account.
Export to CSV and Sell Data – Export all your keywords, competition, information, links and more to CSV to utilize later on and even offer.
Take a look at the Congruent Funnel:.

Plus Downsell 1:.
RankReel Diamond Lite.
$ 29.
For those who do not have the budget for RankReel Diamond, we’ll have a “Lite” version that has only half the functions but lower cost.

$ 1500.

SyVid Special.
$ 39.
SyVid is a cloud-based app where you submit a single video which is then instantly submitted and released on 8 various video sharing sites in addition to distinct title, descriptions and your keywords. We’ve built SyVid combination into the front-end as a reward so this is sure to transform well.

Phase 1.
10-11 May – 2 Days.

RankReel Commercial.
$ 28-$ 69.
Customers can use this totally cloud-based, one of a kind video development technology on their own and for customers. Includes all the functions noted above including Keyword Module, Competition Module, Description Optimization Module, Backlinking Module, and Local Influencer Module.

$ 750.

RankReel Diamond.
$ 49.
With the Diamond upgrade, users will get the Keyword Autocomplete feature which lets users search for longer tail autocomplete keywords on a number of networks consisting of Google, Bing, Amazon, App Store, and more. Plus They will get the Outsourcer License, more DFY Ranking Templates (10 included), more use rights, and exclusive Diamond level perks.

ScriptReel Special.
$ 29.
An automated multi-lingual video translation app that transforms your videos audio into text, equates it, develops auto-captions and develops multi-lingual voice-overs as well, all in one for faster rankings – excellent fit in this funnel.

RankReel Enterprise.
$ 99.
With this ultimate edition of RankReel, users get access to LiveStreaming built into the app with the capability to stream their fully enhanced videos to the most popular live video networks. They also get more use rights, firm rights + employee integration ability, access to the 100% commission resell program, and exclusive Enterprise level bonuses.
Plus Downsell 2.
RankReel Enterprise Lite.
$ 49.
For those who do not have the budget for RankReel Enterprise, we’ll have a “Lite” version that has only half the functions but lower rate.

ClipsReel Special.
$ 29.
Turn any URL into a video utilizing machine knowing & our adaptive A.I. technology, within Minutes with 100% personalization.
Unique 3 Phase Contest Includes …

$ 300.

$ 200.

$ 125.

$ 50.
Stage 2.
12-13 May – 2 Days.

$ 1000.

$ 750.

$ 300.
Stage 3.
14-15 May – 2 Days.

$ 1000.

$ 500.

$ 200.

$ 100.

$ 75.
With More Contests to Be Announced!

This is a video ranking tool for YouTube that everyone desires and desperately requires in 2019 and beyond to dominate YouTube rankings.

You must NOT run “unfavorable” PPC or iframe domain projects such as “Product name/ author name rip-off”.

Future Support and Updates – Abhi has a history of constantly keeping and including brand-new updates his past tools consisting of which is why we’re able to add other Reel Apps that integrate with RankReel into the funnel.

Plus …
Massive Reciprocation to Those Who Promote.
We’ve been squashing leaderboards for our partners so anticipate massive reciprocation on this for our partners.

Associate payments will be set as postponed for affiliates with less than 50 sales. For all other affiliates the commissions will be set to instant depending on refund rate. Please get in contact with us to see if you get approved for immediate commissions.
We run a legitimate business, which means that we constantly properly illustrate and represent our product/s and their functions and advantages to the consumer. Please make certain you do the exact same. Anybody discovered using misleading claims, incorrect information or false reviews (or anything that does not abide by FTC standards) will have their affiliate account withdrawed instantly.

Get in Contact for Any Questions.

Easy Angle and Real Innovative Solution – Not just is this a real innovative solution but will in fact help your subscribers with among the toughest problems they’re dealing with now, benefiting from all the videos their making and getting leads.

Ben Murray.

Attention to Detail and Track Record – Last time we teamed up we did 100k in simply 24 hours integrating our launch proficiency. That does not include an absolutely different launch that did 300k in total sales!

You must prevent utilizing the raw affiliate link if you can. All affiliates are motivated to make use of RE-direct links in e-mails and website campaigns and not the direct affiliate link you will receive. This increases conversions for both people. (But eventually the choice depends on you).

You are not enabled to earn commission on your own purchase. Any ‘self’ purchase commission might be nullified or held back.Things you CAN do (subject to change without notice – please examine back here routinely).


Promote it jv’s and buy it for your own individual use.

More Reasons to Promote:.

Retargeting with Split-Tests Throughout the Launch – Traffic will be used extremely effectively by doing retargeting with naked links throughout the entire launch.
Fair Contest – We desire everybody to be successful and level the playing field no matter if you’re brand name brand-new to affiliate marketing or a skilled marketer.

Read carefully before joining this program. You agree that you are NOT enabled to do the following things if authorized for the affiliate program. By doing any of the following, you will be terminated from the program and concur that a ny commissions will be forfeited without option:.

To qualify for reward prizes, your overall sales should equal or be higher than the prize being handed out.

Abhi Dwivedi.

Again here are the rank reel jv affiliate page details along with a buy now button with a ton of cool YouTube bonuses that come along with your rankreel purchase.

<<< Rank Reel Buy Now With Crazy Bonuses Here:

<<< Rank Reel Official JV Affiliate Page Here: