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Review Hisense 4K Tv after years of owning a regular LCD hisense and a 4k Hisense tv


My first experience with a hisense tv was a 50 inch LCD that I bought for my bedroom about 3 years ago and that tv performed excellent and still does the picture on the older one is crisp and clear not 4k material but definitely on par with TVs that are considerably more in price.

After owning my hisense for three years and being very happy with my purchase I decided to upgrade to the 4k 55 inch hisense that I picked up for a very good deal at just under $700 bucks… I am a bargain shopper ? for under $700 bucks and a 4k tv you really cannot go wrong.

The picture on my 4k is excellent, the sound is actually pretty loud even without surround sound, and once again no problems with the tv after 6 months. .

I am not going to get into the specs of this 4k tv I will leave that up to the tv tech guys to get all techy?

Final review: I love my hisense 4k tv I think it was another great buy being the second hisense brand that I have bought in the last three years.

Some people think that hisense is an off brand but let me tell you from experience they are a big up and comer and it is better than TVs that I have owned that cost twice as much.

5 stars from me for my hisense 4k tv I would buy another one in a heartbeat I think it is the best tv on the market in terms of quality and price…

Sure if you want to spend 3 to 4 times as much you will get a better tv but why would you this is the smart buy.

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