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Review Of Gem Sound Wireless Duo Microphone System

I picked up the gem sound wireless microphone system for my home karaoke system.

I wanted a wireless microphone so I could walk around like a superstar while I blast out my favorite songs 😉

you know the feeling;)

The wireless microphones give you a lot more freedom than being confined by how long your karaoke cord is;)

Based on my own personal reviews that I did online this particular model was well spoke of people seemed to like it.

So based on those reviews I bought the gem sound wireless duo microphone system.

It was easy as heck to hook up plug the included cord into your karaoke system or guitar speaker..

Make sure the karaoke receiver is plugged in as well Duh you knew that;)

Now the karaoke system comes with 2 microphones that do not include batteries so make sure you have 9 volt batteries handy, or pick some up if you do not have any….

turn the karaoke microphone on and you will see a green light and you are ready to roll kimosabe:)

Sound: These cordless karaoke microphones sound incredible for the price I’m not kidding I was very happy with the sound…

I have a smart TV so I play YouTube karaoke songs right on my 55 inch TV I also havea soundbar system and these gem microphones make my living room sound better than the local karaoke bar…

Have some friends over and have a karaoke party just do not forget the strobe lights and it’s game on;)

Final Review: In all seriousness I am glad I bought these gem wireless karaoke microphones they sound great, are priced great, are well made,  and are a good addition for any home karaoke system.

I bought mine from Amazon you can do a search on the Amazon bar right on this site or an alternative is guitar center they carry these as well.

5 stars from me I love these gem sound karaoke microphones, now let the karaoke party begin;)



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