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Review Of Mr. Church Starring Eddie Murphy

Mr . Church movie review starring Eddie Murphy

Amazon Prime New Release Movie Mr. Church Starring Eddie Murphy Delivers A Riveting Performance

I forgot how great of an actor Eddie Murphy truly is because it has been a long time I have seen him in anything in years

Mr. Church starts out with Eddie Murphy cooking in the kitchen of a lady who is dying from cancer.

Her daughter runs into the moms room and says “mama there is some strange black man cooking in our kitchen”. The Mom laughs and says honey that is just Mr. Church he is going to be our new cook for the next 6 months.

6 months turns into 15 years and a relationship that will be cherished for many lifetimes to come.

I do not want to give the details of this movie away, because it truly is a movie that really should be watched to appreciate the caring nature of the human soul, and how one man can change so many lives in the process.

This movie is as close to a masterpiece in my opinion for what it is as possible.

My Final Review Of Mr. Church: Sometimes taking  a chance by letting someone into your life can touch you for the rest of your life in ways you have never thought possible.

I loved the movie Mr. Church it an excellent movie that I think everyone should see that truly shows the power of family, and kind human nature that touches many souls in a very positive way.

Let me hear your reviews of Mr. Church did you love it as much as I did?

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