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Review Of Mr.Coffee Keurig Single Serve Kcup Coffee Maker

This is a review of the keurig single serve Kcup Coffee Maker.

This machine is between 2 to 3 years old can’t remember the exact day I purchased it …

But I have a lot of use and experience using the keurig style single serve coffee maker so I can write an honest review on it to help make your mind up if you want to buy it or not.

My quick review so I am not beating around the bush our time is valuable so here goes I am giving this product a 5 star review because it is super easy to make coffee, and it has never broke or let me down in all the time that I have owned it.

I love products.

Here are a few product details on the model that I have which like I said is a few years old you would be buying a new one with added perks I’m sure. has two cup sizes for your coffee depending on how much of a caffeine buzz that you need;)

There is the big travel mug size that fills it up pretty nicely, and the regular coffee cup size your going to get with a traditional sized coffee mug.

Take your pick;)

The container to fill the water up is conveniently set in top just pop the lid off and fill your water up to the line and pop the top back on and your done.

Super super easy to refill water using

The keurig part where the coffee is actually made there is a button in front that you have to flick back and insert or take out your new or old Kcup …

If you are making coffee just put the Kcup in the dispenser and close it down you will here it kind of pop as it pokes down into the Kcup then it is shut ready to go.

Next step hit the single serve size coffee that you want, and obviously you want to make sure your travel mug, or coffee cup is under the dispenser.

Then you just wait you will hear your brewing your coffee and filling up your cup.


I really do love keurig style machine it has gotten plenty of use from me and it will get plenty more in the future.

Pick one up it is a good buy and well worth the money if you do not drink coffee by the gallons;)

Very convenient and you don’t have to wash out your coffee pot and deal with nasty coffee filters.

Have you ever bought a Let’s hear your reviews below.

Here are the benef

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