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Review Of Panasonic Inverter 1250 W 1.6 cu ft Model Number nn-sn745s


My first Panasonic microwave with Inverter technology how does it perform?

Well I have had this microwave for 4 months now and I am loving it the inverter technology is really cool because it cooks food evenly everywhere no more uneven cooking or parts of your food that is cold when the other part is scorching hot.

I am sure you have had that experience before with the old school technology we all grew up with.

This Panasonic has a popcorn feature which is pretty cool if you are a popcorn lover your popcorn will not come out looking burned like Freddy Kruegers face.

That was a joke if you didn’t catch that?

There is also a reheat feature which will keep your food warm for up to 30 minutes which is really cool ….

The design is very classy in stainless steel and it is roomy inside so you do not have to worry about space.

The 1250 watt Panasonic I bought has 1.6 cubic feet and it is plenty big for me they do make a bigger model over 2.0 cubic feet if you need as much room as possible.

But for me this is the perfect size microwave oven.

All of the controls are classy looking see picture that’s the main reason I bought this microwave was for the looks the inverter technology was just a bonus;)

This microwave also has a nice child lock feature as well.

All in all excellent buy I love this microwave and I got it for a good deal on Amazon but they do have them at a few other stores as well.

I hope you enjoyed my review happy microwave shopping?

PS if you have bought this Panasonic inverter microwave oven feel free to leave your reviews below.

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