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Review Of Rachel Ray Nutrish Grain Free Dog Food The Review Is From My Pitbull

Ruff Ruff who cares what you humans say it’s us dogs that have to eat this stuff ruff ruff?

That was my attempt at humor please forgive me lol

Anyhow my pitbull Thor he’s half American pitbull and half American bulldog better known as a bullypit has to be on a grain free diet.

Anyhow thors a young dog 2 years old, and like most bulldogs especially the pitbull breed they have skin allergies they are allergic to grains so you have to get them the grain free dog So your dog doesn’t have itchy skin.

My last dog who passed away last year rest in peace champ see pic above he was an awesome dog.

Anyway champ had a hotspot he used to bite at on his lower leg I found out well later that it was causes by his food he was allergic to grain low and behold and he was a pit.

When his diet was switched his hotspot got better I learned from my past best friend Champ about pits and a tendency to have skin issues so with Thor I wasn’t gonna make the same mistake twice.

Thor the pitbull had the same issue I tried the regular grain commercial dog foods and he was allergic verified by a vet.

Anyhow back to the Rachel Ray grain free dog food you can get it at meijer, Walmart has it, and Amazon sells it if you do not want to make that trip to the store.

Anyhow Thor absolutely adores the Rachel Ray grain free brand of dog food he devours his bowl Everytime I fill it up;) so two thumbs up from my pitty.

I noticed the dog food looks like it is very high quality kibble very condensed and dark kibble it just screams quality when you pour your dog a bowl you will see what I mean.

This dog food is also rated very highly on dog food advisor as well so that’s a plus.

Anyhow I did the research for you and this is what my pitbull eats so it’s a good buy pick some up for your dog he or she will love it.

Ruff ruff Thor dog endorsed;)

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