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Reviews Of The Best High End Home Generators To Buy For Your Household

Review Of High End Home Generators To Buy In 2016-2017 Review Of High End Home Generators To Buy. which home generator delivers the best for the money?

The Best High End Quality Home Generators To Consider Buying For Your Household In 2017

If you’re a homeowner then you likely have experienced power outages. Unfortunately, they are a reality of the world today with various natural disasters becoming more and more popular. As a homeowner you need to be prepared! The good news though is that there home generators to take care of the issue with ease.

A home generator is a power source that can run an entire home. In an emergency, it is an invaluable asset. If power goes out for any reason, the home generator will kick in and provide energy to the house. Within seconds it can take over, plus it is fueled by either natural gas or propane so refueling isn’t an immediate concern.

If you are considering a home generator, there are many to pick from. Here are some of the best high end home generator options available:

1. Generac 6438 11,000-watt Air-Cooled Steel Enclosure Gas-powered Generator.

This is a generator that is ideal for a completely hands-free power transfer. It runs on either liquid propane or on natural gas. The smart transfer technology includes the auto-200-amp startup system that is indoor rated. It comes with 11,000 rated amps and can likely handle a small-to mid-sized house with ease. Its flexibility is one of its main selling points and anyone in need of a generator should consider this one.

The best thing about the Generac 6438 is that despite its power, it is was built with True Power Technology. This means that it will have no problem running sensitive electronics within the home. Some large machines can be damaging when their auto-switches are tripped—not this one! It comes with a 2-year limited warranty and also is CARB compliant for those in California. It’s dimensions are 29-inches by 25-inches by 48-inches and it weighs 407-pounds. It retails for approximately $3,200.

2. The Powermate PM0601258, 12500 Running Watts/15625 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator.

This is a powerhouse of a generator for any home and definitely one of the best machines to keep on your side in case of an outage. It runs at 12,500-watts but has a maximum of 15,625-watts and 22 HP. It also has an 8-gallon capacity. That means that it will be one of the longest-lasting generators you’ll find.

One of the main benefits beyond its power though is its control panel. When picking a generator, you want to always pick a machine that is easy to accommodate a range of inputs. This machine comes with one 120/240-volt 50A outlet, one 120V/30A twist-lock outlet and four 120V 20A GFCI-protected outlets. It also comes with built-in circuit breaker protection. What you’ll love about this product is its high value to cost ratio.

Though it has a lot of power, it has a cost of around $3,000. Considering all it can do, this is a high end machine that is affordable and useful. It does weight 360-pounds, so it is on the heavy side. Considering its make up though, this is to be expected. Still with its wheels and handlebar construction, it is relatively easy to maneuver and station where you need it. Its dimensions are 22-inches by 39-inches by 30-inches. Powermate has been around for a long time—4 decades, as a matter of fact. In that time it has built a line of powerful and reliable products and this definitely is one of them!

3. Generac Guardian Series QT04524ANSC 45kW Liquid-Cooled Natural Gas/Liquid Propane Generator.

This is another generator that would have no problem with powering an entire house. It is built to fuel homes on the larger side, and can even handle small- to mid-sized business needs. This isn’t a portable option, but at over 1,400-pounds moving it would be too arduous. Its dimensions are 45-inches by 34-inches by 77-inches. This is the behemoth of a machine you station in one place and have ready for your needs when the power goes out. It comes with 45,000-watts of power!

The Generac QT0 is coated with galvanized steel and enclosed in a sturdy case for protection from the elements. It runs on natural gas or LP and it is CARB compliant. You’ll enjoy its reliability and power. What is also notable about it is its quiet-test feature that lets you ensure that it is fine operating order periodically so that when you need it, it will deliver. It also runs with a liquid-cooling system within the motor so that if you do have to operate it for extended periods of time it should not be a problem. It comes with a transfer switch that can easily take over when needed, within seconds of an outage.

Despite its huge size and fantastic power, it still manages to be highly affordable. It’s listed at around $7,500. Considering its power, build and makeup, this makes it a very high ROI product that any homeowner or business owner would love to have.

4. Kohler 14RESAL 14,000-Watt Air-cooled Standby Generator.

This is a stationary generator that delivers 14,000 automatic power. Its built-in transfer switch allows it to auto-start when the power goes out. This is another system that is well constructed with an air-cooling feature to accommodate longer periods of use. What is nice about this unit is that it comes with a 16-circuit, 100-amp indoor auto-transfer switch that is CARB-compliant.

The Kohler 14RESAL has dimensions of 48-inches by 26.2-inches by 29-inches and weighs 410-pounds. What’s notable about those dimensions is that they aren’t huge. Despite that, they deliver powerful results. A lot of other machines equitable in power, come with a much larger case. This is perfect for smaller, tighter areas. It can still stand up to the challenge of extended use and high demand. It retails for approximately $5,200, which makes it another high ROI unit for any homeowner.

5. Residential Backup with 9.6kWH Renewable Energy Storage (solar controller).

This is a product created to make the most of renewable energies. By drawing from a variety of energy sources, it is able to ease the effect of non-renewable fuels. This is perfect for anyone who wants to operate on- or off-grid, depending on how their power system is structured in the area. The best thing about it is that despite its flexibility with fueling, it can be hooked up to a house with just the connector output hook-up. This makes it one of the easiest to install units you’ll find on the market.

This unit weighs just 580-pounds. It is stationary, but moving it isn’t impossible. It can be located in the exact spot where it is most convenient. This is the first in a pending series offered by the company that is striving to produce energy-efficient and energy-wise products that hold up to older alternatives. This one has an inner embedded transfer switch that allows for energy draw within 10-seconds of power outages. It integrates wind turbine (speed and energy) procurement to power the machine. This one retails at approximately $8,900, however considering the savings it can produce due to reliance on alternative energies, it is still a worthwhile product.

6. Generac 5735 17,500-Running Watts/26,250-Starting Watts Gas-powered Portable Generator.

This is another portable option that offers a great deal of power at a highly affordable price. This model has dimensions of 39.5-inches by 31-inches by 48.5-inches and weighs 390-pounds. That makes it easy to transport when you need it. It is sturdily made and has convenient large wheels, a bar for stationing it squarely and securely, and a molded steel handle. It comes with 120-volts and is perfect for emergencies and job site use.

The best thing about this model is that it has a low-oil auto-shutdown valve to protect the motor from damage. And, it also comes with a system of maintenance alerts that let you know when it needs service. This is a great option for those who need portable energy but also want the machine to use its own sensors for complete self-maintenance.

Finding the perfect energy solution for a homeowner can be a difficult task, but it is a necessary one. The models above are all affordable and highly useful. They come packed with power and have a great ROI ratio that any homeowner will love!

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