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Smart Video – Video Remix – Fix Your JV Page It’s Annoying

Smart video looks like an absolutely one of a kind groundbreaking video creation software of the future but there jvpage for affiliates is confusing and less than to be desired.

First off all the links that you click on the smart video jvpage seem to just take your email address and not direct affiliates or jv’s to the jvpage.

No email after we sign up for the smart tools jvpage nothing.

Contacting you for support is impossible if you do not use Skype.

Some people have no need for Skype and I am one of them so an email address would be great.

This is no huge deal but you probably lost a lot of affiliates for this reason alone.

So Smart Video – Video Remix – fix that affiliate jv page when you get a  chance so affiliates can access your jvtools and promote your product.

Product looks awesome though, but I have not bought or reviewed it.

For anyone who hasn’t seen this product it looks absolutely amazing with all it can do when it comes to video creation:

ok here is a link to check out smart video.

Rant over;)

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