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Stung By A Bullet Ant On Purpose WTF Is This Guy Thinking Lol

Stung By A Bullet Ant On Purpose WTF Is This Guy  At Brave Wilderness Thinking Lol …

This is a funny video to me because anyone who would offer there most sensitive part of there body there forearm up for the worlds most painful sting the bullet ant is crazy and funny all mixed into one:)

Note: In South America in some jungle tribes in the rainforest when a boy is coming of age and turning into a man he has to put his arm in a whole glove of these bullet ants with the stingers pointing out so you get stung by hundreds of these bullet ants at once ouch!!!!!

So 1 bullet ant you definitely have some balls but hundreds of them your balls are made of steel lol.

Word is the pain from being stung by hundreds of these bullet ants can last up to 24 hours of excruciating continuous pain.

No thanks!

And these boys have to do this up to an astounding 100 times so don’t feel bad brave wilderness guy btw I love your videos:)

PS. All my buddies love this video



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