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Tom Leykis Leykis 101 Amazon Book Should Be On Every Mans Nightstand

tom leykis book available on Amazon a must read

Tom Leykis 101 Amazon Book From The Professor Himself:)

First off I have been a Tom Leykis listener for years the guy is awesome!!!

His show Leykis 101 has been teaching guys all about women for a long time, and Tom has built up quite the following in the process.

I have not read the book yet because it is on pre-order when I wrote this article but I will be ordering it soon.

I know this book will be awesome, and it should be on every mans nightstand, because it can save you a lot of money just by reading it…

From not knocking up women, saving money when going out with women, why you should not get married, the list goes on and on….

Anyhow, pick this book up if you are a man ages 18 – 45 you will be so glad you did, and your wallet will thank you.

Tom Leykis website:

Tom Leykis Show: free download  you can listen to his current shows on Tunein for free.

*Tom also has a premium Tom subscription which gives you access to all his past archives for under $10 a month which is well worth it considering the priceless information he gives away on a daily basis on his show.*

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