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Tomi Lahren From The Blaze Annihilates Colin Kaepernick For Not Standing During The National Anthem

picture of Colin Kaepernick San Fransisco 49ers

Hmmm what are your thoughts on Tomi Lahren using her freedom of speech rights to tear Kolin Kaepernick a new one?

My personal thoughts are I agree with pretty much all that she said I do not know that Kolin was thinking that in depth about what he was doing he was trying to make a point even though it was a bad point especially from someone who makes $19 million a year to play football you are definitely not the oppressed one Kolin.

I do get his point to an extent and this country is not perfect but it is the most perfect country in the World when you balance everything out.

It is just plain disrespectful to not stand for the national anthem, and disresepectful to all the servicemen, and women who proudly serve this country day in and day out for very little in return except the honor of serving the greatest country in the World.

Oh and maybe free college:) jk

but in all seriousness there are other ways to protest how you feel Colin Kaepernick and not standing for the flag of the country that gave you so much is not one of them.

P.S. Good job on the annihilation Tomi Lahren from the Blaze you were fired up.

Get it fired up? The Blaze?

lol whatever…

see you in my next post.

I am out god bless America and comment below:)


Featured image source of Colin Kaepernick can be found by clicking here.

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