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Top 10 Best Walk-Behind Automatic Floor Scrubbers Reviewed

nilfisk walk behind floor scrubber reviewed

Top 10 Best Walk-Behind Automatic Floor Scrubbers Reviewed Which One Should You Buy For Your Business?

Finding the right walk-behind automatic floor scrubber doesn’t need to be a nightmare anymore. Thanks to our in-depth review, you will be able to find the best scrubber for you at the most affordable prices. We have compared the best automatic scrubbers on the market at the moment to bring you our analysis.

Floor scrubbers have replaced the old method of cleaning floors. Most of today’s scrubbers are able to apply detergent directly onto floors, scrub the floors and mop them of any water. These machines are cost effective and save companies on labor time as well as cleaning costs. Can you imagine trying to clean an 11 story corporate office with a mop and bucket? It’s hard to imagine right. Thankfully, today’s cleaners have a variety of options to choose from.

Below we list some of the best scrubbers available on the market today:

10. Clarke Vantage 14 Commercial Walk-Behind Automatic Scrubber 14 Inch Disc

Cost: $2,999

Weight: 200 pounds

Battery operated: Yes

The Clarke Vantage 14 is about as compact as any scrubber can be. It’s a modern day all-in-one commercial-grade scrubber. The scrubber soaps the floor, scrubs it and mops all the water up. It is a model on the market that runs on batteries. When fully charged the Vantage 14 will work for 100 minutes before another battery recharge is needed. Sound levels are kept to a minimum of only 64 decibels.

9. Clarke Focus II L20 BOOST Commercial Walk-Behind Automatic Scrubber 20 Inch

Cost: $7,425

Weight: 422 pounds

BOOST technology takes pride in their eco-friendly products and their Clarke Focus II L20 is just such an example. It’s a very cost-efficient machine that has a 14.5-gallon tank that allows you to use less water while maintaining the shine on your floors. This machine makes a little more noise than other scrubbers at 65.8 decibels, but not enough to disturb people who are working in the office if it’s being used to clean hallways.

The 8-year warranty that is tied to every purchase makes purchasing the Clarke Focus II L20 an investment worth considering.

8. Electric Auto Floor Scrubber 17” Cleaning Path – Corded

Cost: $1,695

Weight: 154 pounds

The Electric Auto Floor Scrubber is a neatly designed automatic scrubber whose 17” cleaning path gives it an edge over other cleaners. The scrubber is fitted with a cord that allows it to be used in even the tightest of spaces. It’s small enough to reach those difficult areas to clean. It has two 13-gallon polyethylene tanks, one solution tank, and one recovery tank. Both tanks are designed to resist corrosion. The Electric Auto Floor’s Scrubber has a 1 HP brush motor and a 2-stage vacuum whose ability to lift water stands at 47”. The scrubbers’ coverage rate is 12,700 sq.ft. per hour.

7. Nilfisk-Advance Warrior Walk-Behind Automatic Floor Scrubber – X32D-C with ExcoFlex

Cost: $14,369

Weight: 915 pounds

The Nilfisk-Advance Warrior Walk-Behind Automatic Floor Scrubber – X32D-C much like it’s sister scrubber the Nilfisk-Advance Warrior Walk-Behind Automatic Floor Scrubber – ST 28D is a 30-gallon commercial walk behind scrubber. Its One-Touch technology allows the cleaner to control the 915 pound of machinery safely with little effort. The Nilfisk-Advance Warrior Walk-Behind Automatic Floor Scrubber – X32D-C has a wide range of interchangeable tools that complement the range of cleaning services that it must perform. Once again, this machine should be reserved for cleaning the office and commercial complexes after hours. Its noise level at 71 decibels isn’t too disturbing but in a place that requires calm, it might be a bit distracting.

6. On floor, Striker Walk Behind Automatic Floor Scrubber

Cost: $9,595

Weight: 1,340 pounds

Battery operated: Yes

On first look, you would be forgiven for mistaking the On floor Striker Walk Behind Automatic Floor Scrubber for a mini lawnmower. Complete with a steering wheel for easier navigation, the On floor Striker Walk Behind Automatic Floor Scrubber is every cleaner’s ideal walk behind scrubber.

It is a battery operated machine that requires four 6V batteries which may be purchased separately

This scrubber is the heaviest of the scrubbers in this review and has one of the biggest solution and recovery tanks with a combined carrying capacity of 40 gallons. The scrubber also has a four-wheel base that increases the stability and traction factor of the machine.

The On floor Striker Walk Behind Automatic Floor Scrubber comes complete with a set of 14” nylon brushes as well as a ¾ HP brush motor.

5. Power-Flite PAS16 Cord-Electric Automatic Scrubber with Rotary Brush, 290 rpm, 16″

Cost: $2,520.54

Weight: 110 pounds

Battery operated: No

This scrubber’s performance surprises a lot of people. Weighing in at just 110 pounds and being just 49 inches in height, you would be forgiven for thinking less of this machine. However, it runs on 115 volts and operates a 5.75-gallon tank and exhibits 1.5 horsepower. Its maximum speed is 290 RPM and is able to thoroughly clean almost any floor. It even has a manual solution control for easier detergent application and a 75-inch cord that allows maximum reach without having to plug in and unplug as you progress with your cleaning.

4. Advance Warrior Walk-Behind Automatic Floor Scrubber – 32D-C with Onboard Charger, 242 Ah wet batteries

Cost: $12, 875

Weight: 910 pounds

Battery operated: Yes

The Advance Warrior Walk-Behind Automatic Floor Scrubber – 32D-C is a multi-tasking machine that allows you to clean numerous surfaces all at once. Say goodbye to hours of endless cleaning and say hello to One-Touch TM technology. The battery operated scrubber is designed to handle heavy duty everyday cleaning and is fitted with a 30-gallon solution and recovery tank. You won’t have any issues cleaning the scrubber itself when it needs a wash. It mops up all the water during the cleaning process and leaves no traces behind. If you are looking for a heavy duty cleaner then you have found it in the Advance Warrior Walk-Behind Automatic Floor Scrubber – 32D-C.

3. Clarke MA50 15B Walk-Behind Commercial Automatic Scrubber 15-inch

Cost: $2,199.00

Weight: 142 pounds

The Clarke MA50 15B is a micro automatic scrubber that bears a 15-inch cleaning path. It is especially useful for smaller office spaces and isn’t quite the heavy duty cleaner you would need for large industrial grade spaces. Thanks to its all-in-one cleaning technique you won’t be applying detergent to the floor yourself. The Clarke MA50 15B does that and mops it up while it’s at it. It offers real value for money if you ask us.

2. 22.5 Gal. Walk-Behind Automatic Scrubber, Battery Powered

Cost: $10, 828

Weight: 632 pounds

Batteries: 4 Gel Batteries

If you are wondering why the 22.5 Gal. Twintec Vario 5565 costs so much it is because it’s a two-in-one machine. You are literally getting two machines for the price of one. Say goodbye to lugging around lots of heavy cleaning equipment and say hello to the future of cleaning technology. The Twintec Vario 5565 comes complete with its own set of adjustable brush deck. This deck can be adjusted from 22” to 26”. The gel batteries allow the Twintec to work continuously for long periods of time. When the batteries need to be recharged the Twintec goes into protective mode preventing the batteries from getting discharged.

1. Nilfisk-Advance Warrior Walk-Behind Automatic Floor Scrubber – ST 28D with Shelf Charger

Cost: $12,127.00

Weight: 930 pounds

Nilfisk-Advance Warrior Walk-Behind Automatic Floor Scrubber – ST 28D is truly a beast of a machine weighing in at a whopping 930 pounds. This commercial grade scrubber comes complete with its own 30-gallon water tank that allows the cleaner to clean for longer with fewer breaks and changes in between. Because of its size, the Nilfisk-Advance Warrior Walk-Behind Automatic Floor Scrubber – ST 28D does make a bit more noise than its smaller rivals. Its sound level is 71 decibels. It can be used to clean hallways during normal office hours but is best reserved for after-hours cleaning.

We hope that this review will go a long way in helping you to decide on the right kind of walk behind automatic floor scrubber that meets your office and or commercial property needs.

P.S. Amazon has by far the best prices on walk behind floor scrubbers based on my extensive reviews.

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