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UFC 202 Connor Mcgregor Verse Nate Diaz Part 2 Clip End Of Round 5


Nate Diaz Connor Mcgregor 2 at UFC 202 was an instant classic that went all five rounds ….. This right was two close to call in my opinion it could have went either way in my opinion…

Although Mcgregor drew first blood early in round one and Nate Diaz was bleeding like a stuffed pig throughout the fight but he looked like he had more energy to me going into the later rounds..

But if you are counting it on who looked less fucked up after the fight Connor Mcgregor would have won based in this alone.

As you all know Connor Mcgregor won the fight by majority decision as one judge had it tied and the other two had Mcgregor winning by one point each giving the victory to the shit talking Connor Mcgregor……

Well we are all tied up at 1-1 can’t wait for the third battle with these two warriors ….

Great fight everyone got there moneys worth with this fight….

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